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THIS is TRUE for 27 August 1995       Copyright 1995 by Randy Cassingham
THIS JUST IN: The front page of the Aspen (Colo.) Daily News told the
  whole story. A local woman, it reported, "rampaged through local
  singles bars Wednesday night, leaving a string of wasted males in her
  wake." Indeed, "no less than 37 men aged 13 to 78 were taken to local
  hospitals. Their injuries included everything from severe bleeding
  due from hickies on their necks to sexual exhaustion." But the
  reporter who wrote the story created it as a joke for his girlfriend,
  and never intended for the file to get into the paper's typesetting
  system -- let alone the front page. Locals were far from outraged:
  some bought extra copies, and "people are asking us to run this once
  a week," the news editor said. (AP) ...Are they going to punish the
  reporter, or promote him?

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