See, it's like this. First of all, Dennis sent me an email saying that his friend Michael scored 5296 words from his full name, best in their office by a long shot. I tried my own name (as I have many times before), and dashed off a smug reply that I scored 5439 (best in my office, but not by much).

A few hours later, in the evening of the same day, I was working on a web page for the Champaign Ski Club, for which I happen to be the webmaster. I was entering in phone numbers for board members, and one of them was xxx-5439. The number rang a bell. (Ha! The phone number rang a be... oh, never mind.) Anyway, I double-checked, and sure enough, I had just seen that very number earlier.

I sent another note to Dennis informing him of this interesting coincidence, and he responded imploring me to turn my attention to its relationship to 37. And the rest, as they say...