Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 11:20:19 PDT
From: (Reuters)
Subject: Giant meatloaf unveiled in Pittsburgh
Organization: Copyright 1996 by Reuters

         PITTSBURGH (Reuter) - It was a meatloaf without Meatloaf.  
         A local branch of a national restaurant chain cooked a  
300-pound meatloaf to honor the singer Meatloaf, who was 
scheduled to perform in Pittsburgh Thursday night. But at the 
last minute the singer, best known for his album ``Bat Out of 
Hell,'' canceled his concert -- because of food poisoning. 
         The meatloaf was supposed to be unveiled just before the  
singer's performance at the city's Riverplex concert arena and 
then be donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, 
an organization that feeds the poor and the homeless. 
         Instead, the huge hunk of beef was unveiled Friday in  
downtown Pittsburgh during -- what else -- lunch hour before 
being given to the food bank. A spokesman for the chain said the 
meatloaf was notarized for weight accuracy and officials from 
the Guiness Book of World Records will include it in the next 
edition, due this year. 
         The recipe: 228 pounds of ground beef, 37 pounds of spices,  
22 pounds of tomato puree, 13 pounds of onions ... and a very 
big oven.