Quote by a high school student in Quincy, Massachusetts, about a cop who had been posing as a student to catch drug offenders. This tidbit appeared in Randy Cassingham's wonderful This is True® syndicated newspaper column (also available by email) for 20 July 1997. Full story and details about This is True below. (If you are not already a TRUE subscriber, I highly recommend it!)

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THIS is TRUE for 20 July 1997         Copyright 1997 by Randy Cassingham
BACK TO SCHOOL: A student at Quincy (Mass.) High School arrested 17
  students on drug charges. The student, actually a 32-year-old deputy
  sheriff, spent seven months attending the school to root out drug
  problems. Even the principal and teachers didn't know his true
  identity. His grades were so good, especially for a "troubled
  student", that he had to cut class to make them drop. He explained
  his thinning hair and wrinkles by claiming he abused steroids. "That
  guy sucks," complained one sophomore once the truth was known. "You
  shouldn't do that to your friends. He acted like he was friends." But
  another sophomore was more philosophic: "The guy looked like he was
  37 years old and everybody knew," he said. "But I guess there were
  some people who were stupid enough to believe it." (AP) ...Isn't that
  one of the reasons they call it dope?

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