LG and LG are my wife and niece, respectively. (No, wait, actually LG is my wife, and LG is our niece.) Anyway, LG came to visit us once, and we spent a couple days in Chicago.

While walking around downtown, we saw banners hanging all along Dearborn Avenue proclaiming "Celebrate 37". While I'd like to think the city of Chicago shares my interest, I rather suspect that these banners were signaling the opening of "Gallery 37", an art gallery featuring art by local youths (I think), which was occurring that weekend.

Looking for a public-transportation way to get to the Sears Tower, we found it as item #37 on a CTA map.

While in the Sears Tower observatory, we found the Chicago Art Institute, where we had been earlier, as item #37 on a city overview map.

We spent the night in room 237 at the Travelodge in some suburb, probably Rosemont. Somewhere out there near O'Hare anyway.