Quoted from 'Invasion for Flesh and Blood', 15 April 1997 column by Joe Bob Briggs. Part of the capsule summary of the movie. The full quote is:

Thirty-six dead bodies. Eight breasts. Multiple heart-ripping. Head twisted off. Thirty-seven gallons of blood. Multiple whangdoodle-ripping. (Don't ask.) Head-eating. Neck-slashing. Two thermonuclear mushrooms, with blackened-seafood skeletal aftermath. Sleazeball-shotgunning. Throat-slitting. Razor blade to the nose. Machete to the head. Tree limb through the torso. Brain-bashing. Eyeball-ripping. Alien autopsy. Security-guard frying. Security-guard Benihana dinner. Alien neck-crunching. Arm-chewing. Redneck pancake. Heads roll. Arms roll.